We Hear You. We're Here for You.

Whether it's a moment of crisis, an intentional eye to the future, or anything in between, ROGER is your mental wellness resource.



We'll pair you with a highly-qualified Wellness Coordinator who specializes in understanding your unique challenges - the ones that are making you feel lost, stressed, unlike yourself, or whatever it is you're feeling.

We'll help you develop a greater understanding of the connection between your mind and body and how to use these systems to enhance your quality of life.

With ROGER, you get the support you need as a whole person.



We'll work together to create a personalized plan and develop skills and tools to help during times when you feel like you're at your breaking point, like you're out of options, or even if you just need a second to get back on track.

We support you and follow up with you as long as you need it, so you can continue to build that connectedness, sense of purpose, self-esteem, and self-sufficiency that make life so great.

With ROGER, you're not just another number or appointment on the calendar.



We're not affiliated with the DoD or VA. No affiliation means no reporting requirement.

It means not navigating the maze alone, getting the run-around or feeling the frustration of long wait times. It means that red tape and stigma don't have a place here.

We know exactly how important career track and security clearance can be; we'll protect yours as if they were our own.

When you're with ROGER, the work we do together stays between us.



Service is service. You wore the uniform for a week, a month, 20 years? Anywhere in between? ROGER is for you.

We're built for you, to support you and the unique challenges that can come with military service. What works for you may not be right for the next person, and vice versa. That's why we focus on exactly what works for you, and move past the rest.

With ROGER, your long-term mental wellness is the priority.