The hardest missions are the ones we try to face alone.

ROGER is a wellness service that provides free counseling, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services specifically for U.S. veterans and service members.

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Counselors who get it.

The ROGER team is licensed and highly trained to provide care specific to suicide prevention.* Many of our counselors have served in the military or are military family members. Backed by a veteran-owned and veteran-founded nonprofit, ROGER services are 100% free to U.S. veterans and service members.

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Suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention


Virtual Mental Health Counseling

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Safety Planning

Let’s get you to a better place so you can be ready for whatever comes next. We’ll pair you with someone who is on your side, so that you and your counselor can work together to create a plan for your safety.

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Feel like you’re trudging through mud some days?

We totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed. Many of us have seen and felt that pain, anger, and fear–and sometimes suicidal thoughts. Whether you’re active-duty or living the civilian life these days, dealing with reality is no easy assignment. We aren’t afraid to talk about it. You won’t shock us with anything you’ve seen or felt or thought. Let’s talk about it.

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We don’t deal in red tape.

All interactions are confidential. As an independent organization, we don’t report back to DoD or VA. You’re in safe hands when it comes to clearance, career track, and chain of command.

All U.S. veterans and service members welcome. You’re welcome regardless of your branch of service, discharge status, your age, your gender, sexual identity, or your years of service.

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Client Testimonials

“From the start of my experience with ROGER, they all have been deeply caring and empathetic.”

“Talking to ROGER every time makes me feel very familiar. [My counselor] is a normal man like me, a father of a family, who works and is also a veteran, and with an enormous capacity for future vision.”

“It has changed my life, giving me tools to use whenever I need to in the future. This has been the best therapy I have ever had.”

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*All ROGER Wellness Coordinators are licensed or supervised by a licensed clinician. ROGER Wellness Coordinators are highly trained behavioral health professionals, each with an advanced degree in at least one area of mental health.